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Bottelstraat 1G
6511 XA Nijmegen

Yoga Kula
Gebaseerd op 8 recensies
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Hanneke Cordemeijer
Hanneke Cordemeijer
13:02 05 Sep 21
Super fijne yoga studio met met veel kennis en een goede prettige sfeer. Iedereen kan hier op z'n plek zijn en... inmiddels een breed aanbod aan yoga-vormen.lees meer
Monkey Vision
Monkey Vision
11:16 22 Nov 19
Yoga as it is intended! Yoga Kula is more than worth the 5 stars.
Susan van Niftrik
Susan van Niftrik
08:54 11 Apr 19
I have been taking lessons with Michelle for years and she is simply just good at what she does and a fine person with... both feet on the ground. She is very skilled and guides you in a subtle but clear way during her yoga classes, which are never the same. Also recommended is the Critical Alignment lessons given through this school by Lucienne van Geene. Certainly for people with back problems, but also in general a special and beneficial sensation to experience in an almost meditative way what is happening in your body and can happen by letting go, without it becoming floating (very earthy and physical) . Here too the guidance in the lessons is very competent, patient and friendly.lees meer
Susan Peters
Susan Peters
21:21 11 Jan 19
Yoga Kula is an oasis of peace in the center of Nijmegen. A nice place to be. And the owner and Yoga teacher Michelle... certainly ensures the good atmosphere. With a cup of tea after the class, but also because of the way she gives her yoga classes. A lesson with Michelle is never the same. There is always room for innovation, variation, deepening and development. And everyone gets to choose for themselves what's in it. Michelle gives a good explanation of what she does, sometimes with humor and perspective. And all this makes her classes special and inspiring, and at the same time light-hearted, fun and cozy. In short, yoga with nice people and a wonderful place to land and come 'home'.lees meer
Saskia Grooten
Saskia Grooten
19:51 17 Nov 18
Super nice Yoga classes !! Highly recommended! Nice open atmosphere with lovely people 🙂
Mireille Bakker
Mireille Bakker
19:20 19 Jun 18
I find the accessible atmosphere characteristic of Yoga Kula, really great! The exercises are explained calmly in a... nice relaxed space. After the class you always get a cup of tea before you relax again. It's the little things that make this yoga school so enjoyable. Recommended!lees meer
Esther van Winkel
Esther van Winkel
13:27 08 Apr 16
Ontzettend fijne yogaschool met afwisselende en verrassende lessen. Lessen worden met aandacht gegeven maar er is ook... ruimte voor wat humor tussendoor. Er wordt vaak met aandacht ingegaan op houdingen om zo de diepere laag op te zoeken. Een heerlijke plek midden in het centrum.lees meer
11:40 08 Apr 16
De beste Yoga school van Nijmegen. Geweldige sfeer en geweldige medewerkers!
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